6 11, 2018

Christmas Glamour !

Door |2018-11-06T13:36:59+01:006 november 2018|

Make up your make up! The holiday season is slowing approaching us.. the season of giving, Christmas and New Years parties, gathering with friends and family to enjoy what most people call "the best time of the year.” I myself am a huge fan of the holiday season, and like most people, always try and [...]

28 05, 2018

Where do make-up trends originate?

Door |2018-05-28T12:18:20+02:0028 mei 2018|

make-up trends Some of you might immediately form the conclusion that make-up trends are designed and brought to life by social media and what we call “social media influencers” or celebrity make-up artists, while this is completely true and undeniable in this age make-up trends were and still are defined and showcased on the runway. [...]

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