Where do make-up trends originate?

28 mei 2018

make-up trends

Some of you might immediately form the conclusion that make-up trends are designed and brought to life by social media and what we call “social media influencers” or celebrity make-up artists, while this is completely true and undeniable in this age make-up trends were and still are defined and showcased on the runway.

Make-up artists use inspiration and trends from the past and combine that with their existing inspiration to come up with the next make-up trend which everyone will then be wearing the following year. This is the moment when future make-up trends are born. 

When a designer is planning their runway show besides their designs the next most important element is hair and make-up, after deciding which make-up brand to parter with that brand will come up with a series of looks which cohesively matches the collection of the designer while still standing out on its own.

runway first

For example, make-up shown on runways is often bold, colourful and for the most part over the top and not something you wouldn’t wear everyday. Yet the brand will selectively choose various elements of the look and base a make-up campaign on it the following year. New products are also always used backstage long before they hit the consumer market, before you know it you’ll be wearing that hot orange lip from MAC Cosmetics that you saw the previous year walking down the runway during Paris Fashion Week. 

 Trend 2017: ‘false lashes’ ©Jeremy Scott – Kabuki

 Trend 2016: ‘clean skin with a pop of color or glitter’ ©Delpozo – Monica Marmo

 Trend 2015: ‘bold liner and lips’ ©Dolce & Gabbana – Pat McGrath


We choose to buy that new orange lipstick without knowing all these products have consciously already been selected for us.

Which trend will you be rocking next?

Love, Isabella Zappettini



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