Christmas Glamour !

6 november 2018

Make up your make up!

The holiday season is slowing approaching us.. the season of giving, Christmas and New Years parties, gathering with friends and family to enjoy what most people call “the best time of the year.” I myself am a huge fan of the holiday season, and like most people, always try and look my best. There are certain things associated with the holidays such as colours, textures and cents. Today I’m going to talk about which beauty products you can use to create your perfect holiday look!

  1. Wine: We all indulge in a glass or two, or three.. during the holiday season, but the color of a dark red wine lipstick can be dramatic and bold. Bordeaux and berry color lipsticks can be the perfect statement without having to spend too much time getting ready or applying too much make up.

Product suggestions:

  1. Burgundy eyes: Most of us (myself included), have always thought about holiday makeup and immediately gone for a sexy smokey eye with black, browns and the occasional glitter. But this year how about trying something different and use warm eyeshadows colours such as deep reds and purple tones to create a more subtle look. Burgundy colours are very flattering and this can be something worn during the day or at night.

Product suggestions:

  1. Liner: Eyeliner is a classic make up trend that will never go out of style, it looks good on anyone and you can create so many versatile looks. Since the holidays are full of glitz and glam why not add that to your liner, op out your classic black eyeliner and use a silver glitter liner or add that onto of your regular black or brown eyeliner. Be creative!

Tip: Simple black liner and dark red or bordeaux lip Is a classic look that suits everyone!

Product suggestions:

  1. Accessorise: This is the time of year to go all out, go through your jewellery box and pull out all those necklaces and earrings you never wear. Go big or go home! No one ever walked into a new years eve party and said “wow, she’s overdressed.” Sometimes it’s not about having the best or prettiest dress, simplify it. A simple monochrome outfit which is paired with statement jewellery, a good bag and even a headpiece can be the sexiest and polished look a girl can have.


With Love, Isabella Zappettini,

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